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Openmoko Neo FreeRunner wallpapers

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on May 22, 2009 09:42:40 PM +00:00

I've created some wallpapers when my FreeRunner - a fully open, Linux based phone - arrived. They may be useful until good designers start making wallpapers for Openmoko fans. Widescreen versions included.

Openmoko Om 2008.9 screenshots

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on September 21, 2008 07:47:57 PM +00:00

Openmoko's new operating system for the Neo FreeRunner phone is the Om 2008.9. I've created some Om 2008.9 screenshots. In the file names you can see the name of the program.

Qtopia 4.3.3 on Neo FreeRunner screenshots

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on August 22, 2008 05:42:48 PM +00:00

Openmoko Neo FreeRunner phones in 2008 were pre-installed with OM-2007 original Openmoko distribution. After a short testing, I decided to install Qt's system on it and created some Qtopia 4.3.3 screenshots. Without any further comments.

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