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Printing OpenStreetMap maps - new features in render(myMap)

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on April 30, 2019 06:54:25 PM +00:00

I've added several new features to my OpenStreetMap printing tool, called render(myMap), but never mentioned it in this blog before. You can find some info in my references page or read on. business card and website news

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on March 28, 2013 11:07:47 PM +00:00

I've added some improvements to the website:

  • PlanetPlanet news aggregator
  • Ability to search multiple POIs (e.g. bank & atm, or when shop type does not matter, you just need some food)
  • Added a name-less business card created by a professional designer
  • Coordinates supported in search box

And of some minor improvements, mainly in usabilty of search box, and updated street autocomplete database.

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