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Posted by: Ferenc Veres on September 24, 2019 07:36:34 AM +00:00(2469 Reads)

I've published new improvements for render(myMap) tool, my way of mapping OpenStreetMap using printed papers. Changes improve readabilty. (We might be getting older..) Please read on for list of new changes!

  • Bigger fonts! Street names and others are better visible on lower quality prints too.
  • Path and forest had nearly the same color, guess :)
  • Bicycle ways and some rare way types are now similar to OSM
  • POI icons were not added to building POIs, just nodes
  • Oneway roads are marked with some dots (in lack of better possibility in the underlaying renderer)
  • Displays "ref" of fire hydrant (yes, please map them!) (Shows other "ref"s too.)
  • Other bug fixes from the TODO list

Test picture: (with crazy test roads)

Animated preview of old and new maps, indicating the changes listed in the article.

About render(myMap)

The aim of render(myMap) is to optimize the printed papers for on the ground mapping. Prints include nearly ALL OBJECTS on a way or another, so that you'll know what's already mapped. You can choose from 3 main styles, as all the info does not fit on one paper, POI mapping, house number mapping, wheelchair accessibility mapping. Of course all will contain as many info as possible, but will prefer certain aspects where there is more info to print at one spot.

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