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Posted by: Ferenc Veres on April 16, 2014 08:19:28 PM +00:00(7436 Reads)

For best results from my bookscanner, I started using the DjVu format, which is designed for scanned books. I've collected a lot of useful information, so I decided to publish that as a small info website, in Hungarian:

The site has two major sections. First part is about the DjVu file format: reading and creating DjVu files, list of useful software, info about the technology and its advantages.

The other big section of the site is about book scanning. It contains the Hungarian translation of my scanner build article, and also instructions for several book scanning related software, e.g. ScanTailor, Book Scan Wizard.

As always, there is no new site without technology challenges. This site uses a responsive CSS layout, including content responsiveness, where images and their caption reflows to fit on small screens. The site runs on an interesting CMS called Pico, that uses a friendly text markup called MarkDown.

The following links are Hungarian, but some notable articles are the creating DjVu files manually - in depth tutorial, or the intrudction to ScanTailor.

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Exisitng editors for text data DjVu files are quite limited, like for example DjVuSmooth. So I've implemented a new editor in JavaScript, that allows editing both the strucutre of the text (paragraphs, lines, words,...) and the coordinates of the text boxes by simply dragging with the mouse, features like create, delete, merge are also available.

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