Book store links added to my Commodore book lists

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on August 23, 2012 10:06:04 PM +00:00(4380 Reads)

Each book in my Commodore Book List has been extended with links to two major Hungarian antique book stores:

Thus if you like a book, you can easily check whether there is one for sale. ;-)

Good books rock!

Those online book shops sometimes have different editions of the same book. I mentioned these in text description of the books, because I store one single record for one book, regardless how many reprints or editions it had. This means, that the new brief book list feature does not show all book store links. It contains the link to the edition that I own.

If you have any additional info regarding Hungarian Commodore related books, please contact me. I'm trying to collect all Hungarian books, magazines and related publications.

Again, thanks for everyone who provided books to my collection!

Besides those new features, I've updated the links to scanned versions of the books too. Thanks to the great guys for scanning all those books.


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