HD and CD for C64 - The IDE64 device

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on October 31, 2004 08:47:37 PM +00:00(7598 Reads)

The IDE64 device is a great invention, replacing the old, slow and expensive hard disk extensions for the Commodore 64. IDE64 is a card for the expansion port with a great re-programmable firmware, and you can connect any IDE HD, CD or even Zip drive as you wish or have.

The IDE64 device supports 2 IDE devices and has another port called "shortbus" where you can connect other devices available for the card (MP3 player, RS232 port, Ethernet card and so on). The most important is ofcourse that by having a harddisk or CD connected you can easily access all your c64 wares ever downloaded from the internet.

The firmware built in is now open source, so you can even make modifications as you wish, and ofcourse if your patches are useful for others, they are welcomed by the IDEDOS developer, Soci.


How I've implemented all my external devices and power supplies into a micro size ATX PC case.

UPDATE: new photos, better implementation!

IDE64 with IDE cable going to the PC box

IDE64 devices in PC case on top of my PC next to the desk

PC case open, containing floppy board, floppy drive, CD, hard disk

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