Xaraya CMS - Hungarian community portal manager and translator (2005-2012)

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Xaraya is a free software CMS, highlights are flexibility provided by connecting small functional pieces together, rich module set, very active development, availabiltiy in several languages.

My work

I maintain the Hungarian portal's content, administration and hosting, the local users' mailing list (Google group) and other related resources for localizing and marketing Xaraya in Hungary. Main tasks are translating the system itself, translating articles published on other Xaraya sites, and writing new articles in Hungarian.

I am always looking for contributors. If you use Xaraya and want to contribute new articles, xaraya.com article translations or system text translations, please don't hesitate to contact me.


I've written publications about using Xaraya, features of Xaraya, available modules and other articles for users and administrators.

For the localization team I've written the translation guidelines, including the most often seen mistakes and created a terms database for quick lookup of Xaraya related translations of specific IT terms. I've developed tools for spellchecking the translated XML files and for very effective and quick translation work, see links below.

This is far the best CMS system I've worked with. Xaraya has very long list of available modules, but none of them duplicate features. There are a few main modules, and there are many utility modules which change or affect the behaviour of others, extending its original feature set to unlimited levels. Note that this site also runs on Xaraya.

My related projects:

XarTM - Xaraya Translation Memory translator tool
Spellchecker for Xaraya language packs

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Hungarian Xaraya mailing list

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Exisitng editors for text data DjVu files are quite limited, like for example DjVuSmooth. So I've implemented a new editor in JavaScript, that allows editing both the strucutre of the text (paragraphs, lines, words,...) and the coordinates of the text boxes by simply dragging with the mouse, features like create, delete, merge are also available.

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