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Ezee-e website is a WPS CMS improved for heavy use of shop features. WPS Web Publishing System itself was focusing on article content, image links to articles, design banners (slideshow) and so on, while including a "simple shop" - as we called it.

For Ezee-e's demand the CMS has been extended with many webshop features, coupon codes, volume discounts, loyalty point system. The online payment integrates with several payment providers, so that Ezee-e e-cigarettes can be purchased across Europe, and from USA to Japan, even an Arabic version is in the making (yes, Right-to-Left text). Age check is integrated with an external personal data identification service. Not to mention label printing.

You can find the country sites from the main country choose: www.ezee-e.com. The shop operates in many countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, German, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Japan.

You can find POD, disposable e-cigarettes and rechargable - on a way that you buy a new filter and use the new filter. So it's rather reusable e-cigarette than rechargable.

Not much more to add now, so here are two product pictres to make this page not so empty.

Ezee e-cigarette product picture, tobacco flavor

Or the Menthol flavor:

Ezee e-cigarette product picture, methol flavor

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