XarTM - Xaraya/Xarigami Translation Memory translation tool (2005-2020)

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This program can import Xaraya locale files to a database and allows editing the string translations. By exporting the results you can get the translated Xaraya locale directory and files. The program helps the translator's work with finding similar sentences' existing translations and very fast navigation between various related strings. Update: In 2016 and 2020 I've updated this to support Xarigami translation.

My work

I've done the complete implementation in PHP + MySQL. The software has an import/export filter architecture, so theoretically any software's strings could be imported for translations. However nowadays several web based similar tools are available.


Xaraya uses no keys for English strings and translations are lost when the original is edited. This program can identify the original string if there are not many changes, and you can reuse the old translation by one click. You can import older language packs too, to save earlier lost translations, or you can import new language packs later to update language files for newer versions.

Software screenshot displaying English and translated strings in a sophisticated editor

Main features

  • Find next missing string by one click
  • Navigate on strings of the current file on a list
  • Navigate on modules and files on a tree list
  • The program automatically offers similar strings in search area
  • Hotkeys, e.g. Ctrl-Alt-1 (Firefox2) to take first similar search result, Ctrl-Alt-S to save and find next.
  • Bookmark strings into a stack (e.g. update all similar sentences in one pass)
  • Search exact string section in English, translated and search similar strings (in English)

With often used strings all you have to do is clicking Next, picking the previous translation by a click, and then click Save+Next button again, no finding, no typing.

It may be useful for non-Xaraya projects too, but you will need to implement a project specific import and export classes. Such contributions are more than welcome, I am open to standardize the import/export class interfaces for more possibilites!

Download, installation instructions and users' guide, complete class documentation on the: Xaraya Translation Memory website. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have some ideas, found some bugs or just want to participate.

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