TinyMCE Style Library - WYSIWYG CSS designer (2009-2015)

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Easy to use content CSS style designer that allows editing font styles, heading styles, table styles, image border styles and text box (div, layer) styles within TinyMCE.

My work

Main code of the Style Library is written in JavaScript. The whole editing of stlyes runs on client side, on a WYSIWYG manner. There is an ASP.NET server side backend. PHP backend is planned (contributors welcome).

Please see the Screenshots to get an overview.

The current SVN version works with a patched TinyMCE 3.4.9. I'm working on reducing the number of required patches (by removing most of the "nice to have" functionality!).

If you want to try style-library, please mail me for the patched TinyMCE version.


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Exisitng editors for text data DjVu files are quite limited, like for example DjVuSmooth. So I've implemented a new editor in JavaScript, that allows editing both the strucutre of the text (paragraphs, lines, words,...) and the coordinates of the text boxes by simply dragging with the mouse, features like create, delete, merge are also available.

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