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Besides being an active mapper for OpenStreetMap, I manage the Hungarian map site for the project, with help from the OSM community:  I'm still running this site, but the development is mainly done by others.

My work

The work involves some JavaScript programming in the OpenLayers library of OpenStreetMap, however I learned this to the minimum required level only. The initial website was created by another member of the OSM community, that I improved later on.

I've designed the overall UI (based on jQuery UI) and features of the site, including a vertical tab bar for options and autocomplete based search. The autocomplete works with a MySQL database, to which I load data from PostGIS geographical database of Hungary OSM map.

OpenStreetmap website screenshot showing search autocomplete feture.




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Exisitng editors for text data DjVu files are quite limited, like for example DjVuSmooth. So I've implemented a new editor in JavaScript, that allows editing both the strucutre of the text (paragraphs, lines, words,...) and the coordinates of the text boxes by simply dragging with the mouse, features like create, delete, merge are also available.

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