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Infoportal based on Postnuke CMS (2004)

Deploying a company intranet infoportal based on the Postnuke free software CMS system is possible with very short delivery time. These systems are easy to extend with downloading or programming custom modules.

Copyright 2001-2008 Postnuke
Copyright 2004 Netngine Kft.

My work

My work included communication with the client, planning the required system, selecting a suitable free sofware CMS, deploying the infoportal and developing custom modules.

Note that after Xaraya project was started from Postnuke code, I started using Xaraya instead, while Postnuke was actively developed until 2008, when a new project called Zikula based on the code (largely rewritten) was started and Postnuke ended.

Besides creating portals based on Postnuke, I worked on its translation and local community portal.

The details


Infoportal frontpage:

Portal frontpage with news and menu


Forum screenshot on the portal

Administration main menu, including our Files and Organization Chart modules:

Admin menu icons screenshots

ContentExpress article administration:

Screenshot of an article list with options to edit and move them on the article tree