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Postnuke CMS - Hungarian community portal manager and translator (2004-2007)

Postnuke was a free software CMS, highlights were easy setup and usage, wide range of base and third party modules, availabiltiy in several languages. Postnuke Hungary was one of the many free software related community portals.

Discountinued project. Sad news: after several years of article writing, nuke translation and forum support, our interest turned away and the Hungarian portal has been shut down in 2007. This article is kept as reference work.

My work

I was maintaining the portal together with a friend from Most important tasks were publishing articles about using and programming Postnuke, and helping users in the forum.

Together with 5-6 other guys and I made the Hungarian translation of the CMS system.


My biggest publication on the site was a several issues long Postnuke module development course. The course was based on a real module's development, from basics of Postnuke programming, over database design to creating a functional but unfinished module.

We published the updates of the Hungarian language pack on this portal. For checking and updating the translations I have created scripts, because there was no good tool is availabe for the system.

Please note, that Postnuke successor - Xaraya - is more sophisticated CMF architecture and I switched my Postnuke activites to Xaraya. (Not officially "successor", but it is a Postnuke fork and continues the original Postnuke plans, ran by the original lead developers of Postnuke). If you were using Postnuke or PHP-Nuke, probably you should consider switching, for the much better code structure, feature flexibily and system scalability.

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