WPS - Web Publishing System (CMS) - project management, programming (2005-2023)

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WPS is a very user friendly and feature rich content management system, where users can maintain their website in WYSIWYG editors. There are many different modules for satisfying any user's requirements, like user registration, webshop, banners, polls and surveys, customizable feedback or data collecting forms and many more.

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My work

My work was taking part in the development, system architecture design, and managing the local developer and website production team as being in Senior Programmer position, later CTO. WPS version 5.x was written in C#, ASP.NET using MSSQL database, running on Windows Servers.


You can learn more about the system on wpsnet.com.


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Mobile friendly responsive templates
  • Polls and surveys
  • Feedback or data collecting forms
  • User registration, user groups, member protected pages
  • Guestbook
  • Newsletters
  • Gallery
  • Webshop with online payment, with PayPal and payment gateways


Site tree

Organize your menus and documents with easy client side operations, and save in one pass.

Screenshot of menus and articles tree with popup menu to edit them

Text Editor

An improved version of TinyMCE editor, with several fixes for XHTML/CSS based HTML, table editor with automatic header creation, text box insert with various styles and many more.

WYSIWYG editor screenshot

Style library

Editing headings, font styles, table styles, text boxes, image borders in a WYSIWYG fashion, implemented as a plugin for TinyMCE editor and available as free software: TinyMCE Style Library

Screenshot showing various font colors edited in style library.

Form, poll and survey WYSIWYG editor

Various visitor input forms are edited in a very easy to use WYSIWYG drag&drop editor. User can add or modify questions and possible answers with a few click.

Various input fields, checbox options and other form elements edited in a WYSIWYG way


About me

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Featured article

Exisitng editors for text data DjVu files are quite limited, like for example DjVuSmooth. So I've implemented a new editor in JavaScript, that allows editing both the strucutre of the text (paragraphs, lines, words,...) and the coordinates of the text boxes by simply dragging with the mouse, features like create, delete, merge are also available.

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