WorkLog - Project management tool - programming (2001)

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WorkLog, as its name says, is mainly intended to track the jobs done by the employees. It has functionality to manage clients, projects and timetables.

Copyright (c) 2001 Netngine Kft.
Programming by Ferenc Veres

My work

My work was the whole development of the system. Web application written in Perl, using MySQL database.

The Details


  • Managing tree structure of: Client - Brands - Projects
  • Project planning
  • Work logging
  • Current projects and status summary printing

Employees can enter the time spent on the different projects on the given day. An email notification is sent every morning if the data is missing from the previous day and no other occupation was set.

Project managers can assign employees to given projects for a given time, can compare if that job is really in the process. Managers can also create new clients and projects ofcourse.


Project map

Displays clients, brands and projects in a dynamic tree fashion. All these data can be edited and queried from this mainpage.

Clients and projects screenshot

Dialog boxes

Not common in web applications by that time, and can be very tricky to make, but once the users get used to them, they are very useful.

Dialog box screenshot

Task scheduling

The calendar displays who is doing what, users can decide which group members they want to see on their schedule calendar. The project manager can assign tasks to the employees on this page.

Work log calendar and task adding popup window screenshot

Personal log

Employees see their own activities on a higher resolution calendar, and can add the tasks they are working on. If someone forgets to log on a day, next morning an e-mail warning reminds him/her.

Employee's own more detailed calendar screenshot and popup window to add add a task

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