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Welcome to Ferenc Veres' personal website

On this website you can find details of my software projects and articles on various computer related topics.

About me

As the CTO of WPSnet, I manage the development of the WPS Web Publishing System. This is a user friendly CMS, sold as hosted solution worldwide.

If you'd like to send me an encrypted message, please use my GnuPG PGP key. Windows Outlook/Thunderbird users can use GPG4WIN.

Web development

I develop web solutions all the time. I am interested in web standards, usability, accessibility, responsive web design and similar everyday challenges. I prefer to take advantages of new browser features as soon as they are supported by major browsers, backed up with a graceful degradation.
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Free Software

I participate in Free Software development by making, promoting, translating, testing software, reporting problems or ideas, submitting patches and by helping other users. I release my programs under free software licenses.
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I participate in making a free map of the world, OpenStreetMap. We go out with GPS or paper and pen, or often just draw over the available satellite imagery. Streets, turn restrictions, turn lanes, houses, shops, opening hours and basically everything you can see on the street.
osm articles | my osm kb site

Commodore 64

Many years ago, I was an active coder on the C64 demoscene, under nickname Lion (CSDB), member of groups: Chaos, Chromance, Resource and Kempelen. I write some articles and programs related to C64 and IDE64. I have a site for my collection of Commodore related books and magazines (Hungarian).
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DIY bookscanner, DjVu

Archiving historic documents is a very good opportunity in this digital era. By joining the DIY bookscanner community, building my own scanner and researching the excellent DjVu format, I can participate in this work.
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Current projects

Project Name Description Platform Status
Xarigami Update Xarigami code for PHP 7 compatiblity PHP in progress
WebDjVuTextEd DjVu document text layer editor. JavaScript stable DjVu document format info in Hungarian. Pico CMS stable
OpenStreetMap Hungary The freely editable and usable map's local site (and also doing a lot of mapping). HTML stable
OpenStreetMap tips Help articles for mappers, in Hungarian. WPS CMS stalled
render(myMap) Allows to render and print small areas for mapping by walking and drawing on the printed paper. PHP stable
WPS Web Publishing System Proprietary, user friendly, standards friendly web CMS ASP.NET/C# stable