Starting Hashapass bookmarklet by keyboard shortcut (hotkey)

Posted by: Ferenc Veres on November 17, 2010 09:10:51 PM +00:00(8425 Reads)

Starting any Firefox bookmark or bookmarklet by a hotkey is very easy. To efficiently use Hashapass on password fields a keyboard shortcut is quite handy.

(Hashapass is a tool to enhance password security by generating random strong passwords to your various logins, based on a master password and a parameter.)

  1. Install the keyconfig firefox extension
  2. Bookmark the hashapass bookmarklet
  3. Assign a keyword to that bookmark by editing its properties. I'll use "hp" in this example
  4. Open Keyconfig
  5. If you want to use an already used hotkey, unbind it. I'll use Ctrl-1 in this example, which activates the first tab on Windows, unused on Linux.
  6. Add a new key:
    if(window.loadURI) loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('hp',{}));
    and assign the preferred keyboard combination to it.

Now, if you press the keyboard shortcut, the Hashapass javascript field will appear, allowing very easy and quick access to your hashed passwords.


Screenshot of hash a pass password generator in action

Hash a pass bookmarklet in action

Screenshot of adding a keyword to a bookmark

Assigning a keyword to a Firefox bookmark


Screenshot of editing the keyboard shortcut

Editing the keyboard shortcut in Keyconfig



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